Book yourself a gourmet experience with an award-winning chef that will leave you starry-eyed
Speakeasy dinner minted in NFT
The experience ahead is a dinner for 20 reservations only performed by a Michelin-starred chef.
Top-50 MICHELIN chef
Green set with 6 entrées and wine pairing
20 reservations only
For newcomers to the NFT who look for some guidance
Complete the personal NFT collection with a token that also tastes good.
For metaverse divers who are also gastronauts
[ who we are ]
Mint&Fork is a gastro project infused with NFT and blockchain technologies. We are a collective of early adopters of Bitcoin, blockchain and non-fungible tokens with 5 years of experience in events with top chefs around the world.
[ mission ]
The aim is to merge metaverse with a real world values. We bring more tangible utilities into NFT universe and more NFTs into the real world, with benefits for both.
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